Japan vacations

Welcome to japan-vacations.biz, a step-by-step guide for first time travelers to Japan.

Japan is a wonderful place to visit. It’s safe, clean, and has a culture that is different than western countries making it interesting, and yet approachable given Japanese politeness and kindness to foreigners. It can also be surprisingly affordable, as for the last decade or so Japan has experienced some economic deflation, while much of the rest of the world has experienced inflation.

This website is a compilation of information for travelers to Japan, in particular to Tokyo, based on my many trips there for business, and my trips to visit family (my significant other grew up in Japan). The pages (navigation links to the left) are ordered in line with a typical first time trip timeline, from planning the trip, followed by the flight and getting to the hotel, and finally to enjoying all the various activities Japan has to offer. Planning Japan vacations takes time, whether you’re going with Japan vacation packages or arranging all the travel yourself, but the effort is well worth it. So please select an article and read on, good luck on your Japan vacation, and hope you find this site useful! And while in Japan don’t forget to try an Ebi burger (a shrimp hamburger), as they are great!