Yamanote line Tokyo

A lot of great activites are within easy reach by taking the JR Yamanote line. This train line is a continuous loop. So you can actually ride it around multiple times if you so choose. It takes about an hour to cover the whole loop. You buy the ticket ahead of time at one of the vending machines within a station. While the fare depends on how many stops you are going, you can also just buy the max fare (which is just a few hundred Yen – a few dollars), and then you can get off wherever you choose. Put the ticket into the ticket machine, and take it after you pass the turn stile. Choose a direction around the loop, find the right line, and then ride the train. Hold on to your ticket since you’ll need it to exit. When exiting the station, put the ticket into the machine again, pass through, and this time the machine won’t return the ticket. If you did buy too small a ticket, you can also adjust it by paying more on the way out with the attendant.

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